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For the Fall/Winter 2007 season, Hedi Slimane presented a runway at Dior that deviated significantly from his previous work under the label, marking his final season with a distinctive touch. Titled “Navigate,” in reference to the show’s soundtrack by the British experimental group These New Puritans, the collection showcased avant-garde aesthetics, a departure from Slimane’s earlier indie-sleaze and ultra-youthful creations, such as those influenced by Peter Doherty.

In line with the prevailing trend of avant-garde fashion during that period, Navigate featured unconventional elements like cropped jodhpur trousers tucked into combat boots reminiscent of paratrooper style. The proportions and styling drew parallels to designers like Ann Demeulemeester. The combat boots from the Navigate collection have since become highly coveted in the realm of archival fashion.

Navigate unveiled a more mature facet of Slimane as a designer, often regarded as his magnum opus. The collection remains highly sought after even seventeen years later.
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